Santa Rafaela Day, February 23. Names for girls

Rafaela is a name for a girl of Hebrew origin that means 'the one that God has cured'. It is the feminine of Rafael and although it is not one of the most frequent names, it can be ideal for your girl because of its musicality and because it gives off a great delicacy.

A traditional name that maintains its originality due to its little use. He celebrates his name day on February 23, which is the day of Santa Rafaela.

The name Rafaela implies a curious personality and an alert and agile intelligence. Rafaela adapts easily to situations, in the same way that she knows how to find the fastest and most effective solutions to any problem. This decisive capacity together with her friendly and sensitive nature make Rafaela an essential person both in her group of friends and in her family circle.

Although Rafaela is a well-known name in many countries, it is in Italy that she is most popular. In Spanish-speaking countries Rafaela presents variations regarding its use; If in Spain it is a very rare name, in Latin America the same does not happen, with many parents who opt for this name for their daughters. In any case, the revitalization in recent years of certain traditional names cannot be denied, and Rafaela is one of them.

We know several personalities by the name of your daughter. In show business we have the mythical Spanish actress Rafaela Aparicio, with an extensive filmography and one of the pioneering actresses who has done the most for Spanish cinema. We also have the endearing Italian Rafaela Carrá, a versatile and tireless entertainment worker recognized both for her television programs and for her catchy songs.

But Rafaela is also an Argentine city in the province of Santa Fe, and without leaving Argentina we have the novel by Mariana Furiasse, "Rafaela", a first-person newspaper aimed at young audiences. Reynaldo Fernández Pavón presents us with an unshakable Rafaela of incomparable strength as the protagonist of her novel "Los lirios del prado".

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