The controversy between midwives and doulas

The General Council of Nursing of Spain she has presented a very tough report on doulas in which she criticizes their role and highlights the risk involved in the role of these women. But before we get down to business, do you know what doulas are? RoughlyIt is about those people who accompany the mother during childbirth and postpartum.

The role of the doula has gained popularity in recent times, although this figure already existed for years in the Nordic countries, but its role was restricted to help families with housework after having the baby. However, in Spain and other countries, doulas have expanded their role and in many cases appear as counselors in pregnancy and childbirth. For this, and other reasons, midwives report professional intrusion and the risks that may arise from it.

Midwives have risen up in the war against doulas because they believe that many of their practices put the health of the mother and her baby at risk for these reasons:

- They are not midwives and therefore do not have any type of health training to exercise, advise or inform moms.

- There is no health regulation around them.

- Many of them are aerobics instructors, mothers or teachers who obtain a degree that is not approved or legal.

- They offer dangerous advice to mothers, including: that they do not go to the health professional, that it is not the father who accompanies the mother in childbirth but them or that the baby's umbilical cord should not be cut but that it dries up and falls off only.

- In extreme cases, some promote practices such as placentophagy, that is, mothers eat their own placenta after cooking it.

- They believe that it is a business and that only money moves them since some they charge up to 1200 euros for assistance.

Doulas associations defend themselves against these accusations with these arguments:

- Doulas do not perform midwifery functions, they do not attend births, they only give spiritual accompaniment to the mother both during childbirth and postpartum.

- A good doula never performs sanitary functions.

- There are doulas who are also midwives, obstetricians, nurses and doctors.

- They know that many exceed their functions, but they defend all those who perform their work impeccably and who are a great help to mothers and fathers.

After reading the accusations and defenses made by both groups, what do you think?

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