Pandora's box. Tales of mythology for children

Pandora's box. Tales of mythology for children

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We like to transmit values ​​to our children and for them to learn history in a fun way. For this in Guiainfantil We are adapting Greek mythology in the form of short stories for children to enjoy to the fullest.

Pandora he had a precious box that the gods had given him. But the box could not be opened because it would cause many misfortunes to people. What did Pandora do with the box? We also want to know what was inside the box.

Once the father of the gods, Zeus, came down from Olympus to earth to visit the people. At that time, people lived happily, without working, without homework and without worrying about making food and Zeus wanted to see how obedient people were. He went to the house of a young woman named Pandora and gave him a beautiful wooden box decorated with precious stones and that sparkled a lot.

- I give you this box, Pandora, so you can put it in your room -he said Zeus.

Y Pandora thanked him delighted to have such a beautiful box. She picked up the box and placed it on the table next to her bed, so the precious stones would give it a little light at night. But Zeus warned Pandora.

- Pandora, you can't open the box. Never open this box because it contains many misfortunes for people, understand? - he said Zeus.

- Understood- he said Pandora -I will never open the precious box.

So Zeus he went back to Olympus and there he stayed Pandora in her room very happy for her new gift. Pandora She had many virtues and was very curious, she always wanted to know more. However, he wasn't exactly obedient. And that would cause him more than one displeasure.

When the night came Pandora he lay down, crawled into bed, and then saw the precious stones in the box glow in the dark. He started to think about what was inside the box, but he remembered that Zeus He clearly told her that he couldn't open it.

"But what will be inside the box?" -thought Pandora.

He began to imagine that inside there were jewelry, perfumes, stories or some important secret and, of course, he could not resist.

- I'll open it just a little bit to see what's inside and I'll close it again quickly- he said to himself Pandora.

So he opened the box and suddenly a storm horrible, the room was filled with wind and a black smoke It shot out of the box, through the window, and spread across the world. With the smoke, all the misfortunes for humanity also came out of the box, hunger, disease, envy, cold, the need to work, homework ...

TO Pandora He only had time to see that at the bottom of the box there was still the hope and that is why he closed it immediately, so that it would never be lost. And since then, we can always count on hope.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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