Saint Elizabeth's Day, July 4 and November 5. Names for girls

Saint Elizabeth's Day, July 4 and November 5. Names for girls

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Isabel is a name for a girl with a curious origin. Although most seem to prefer to place the origin of your daughter's name in Hebrew with a meaning of 'promise of God', other investigations point to a Latin origin for Isabel, which would refer to the Egyptian goddess Isis, highlighting her beauty with the 'beautiful' shape. Celebrate your birthday on several days of the year: July 4 and November 5.

If your daughter is called or will be called Isabel, in addition to signing up in your diary on the day of her birth, you should also know that there are two dates throughout the year in which you can celebrate her birthday. Let's see what each of them corresponds to!

The July 4th Tribute is paid to Santa Isabel de Portugal, a character that we must not mistake with the wife of Carlos I of Spain. Santa Isabel was a woman of great faith who married King Dionysius I of Portugal and with whom she had two children.

He has always given his life to those most in need, he even distributed properties (coins) of his kingdom among the most needy and, on various occasions, he went to different battlefields to assist the sick. When he became widowed, he entered the convent of Santa Clara, in Coimbra. It is said that after his death on the Fourth of July various miracles occurred. She was beatified and later canonized.

The November 5th Saint Elizabeth, mother of Saint John the Baptist, wife of Zacarías and cousin of the Virgin Mary is celebrated. She was the one who uttered the famous words: 'Blessed are you among all women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb.'

The name Isabel implies a dynamic, energetic and curious personality. Isabel exudes charm and admiration as she passes by for her special charisma and sympathy, which makes her perfect for social relationships. In addition, her strength and perseverance lead her to achieve success in everything she undertakes, aided by great intelligence and her sense of intuition.

The numerous variants that we find make Isabel the perfect name for your daughter, since each one highlights the different aspects of their personality. The sweetness and seduction is reflected by the Italian variant Isabella better than any other variant, but also its diminutives are attractive such as Isa, Bela, Bella or Sabel.

Isabel is a name that has maintained its frequency from the Middle Ages to the present day, sgoing one of the most popular and helpful names for any father or mother. Undoubtedly, the one who has given the most strength to the name of your daughter throughout history has been Queen Isabel la Católica, although there are many European queens who have also borne this name and who continue to wear it proud, such as Elizabeth II from England.

More recently we have two internationally successful women who have made the name Isabel popular. The Chilean writer Isabel Allende represents the intellectual side of the name, with such well-known novels as 'La casa de los espíritus' or 'Paula', and the actress Isabella Rossellini, who has shown her beauty and artistic talent in all the cinemas of the world .

According to numerology, the science that studies the relationship between numbers, living beings and physical or spiritual forces, the number that will guide the girls named Isabel is 3. What traits define the people ruled by this digit? What qualities will accompany them during their life?

- Positive traits
They leave their mark wherever they go! And it is that Isabel has a great gift for social skills. He has a great facility to make friends, to join a group where he does not know anyone and so that everyone is comfortable in a meeting. Another characteristic that makes them stand out from the rest is their ability to learn. You will be surprised by it yourself!

- Negative traits
Accustomed to being liked by everyone, they can't bear not being the center of attention in any meeting or having someone come to steal their spotlight! You will have to teach him to handle that self-centeredness. On the other hand, they can sometimes be a bit manipulative, because they want everything to go their way.

The girls names that begin with the letter I have a special musicality, hence this is a requirement for many parents. In case you still have doubts or it is not entirely decided that the final name is going to be Isabel, we have prepared a list for you with beautiful names that begin with the third vowel of the alphabet.

  • Agnes
    Three are the meanings of this name for girls, 'pure, holy and chaste', and three are the origins of it, Greek, Spanish and French. Celebrate your birthday on April 5.
  • Irene
    In Greek mythology, Irene was the goddess of peace. It was a very common name during the Roman Empire, but it did not begin to be used in English-speaking countries until the mid-19th century. As a curiosity we will tell you that it is very popular in Russia.
  • India
    It is a name of Hindu origin that refers to the Indus River. It is attributed to strong women, is this the case of your daughter who was already stomping in pregnancy? Don't think about it: India is your name!
  • Ivanna
    'God is kind' is the meaning of this name which has three origins: Czechoslovak, Slavic and Hebrew. His rise on the list of names most desired by parents is to be attributed to Ivanna Trump, the daughter of the President of the United States, Donald Trump.
  • Irina
    The popularity that this Greek girl name has recently gained is due to the Russian model Irina Shayk. It means peace and is a variant of Irene's name.

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