What name would you give your baby?

What name would you give your baby?

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Choosing the name of your child can always be a fun dilemma, especially because although it may suddenly arise without further ado and in a moment the couple agrees, it generally does not happen that way and what one likes, the other does not suggests both. Doubts get a bit more complicated when family and friends start making suggestions, which end up getting parents mixed up.

Agreeing to choose a definitive name for the baby is not easy. It will be the name with which your baby will be identified throughout his life and his choice involves, in addition to the tastes of his parents, emotional and family aspects, which come from the heart. The memory of a family member or loved one can positively influence the final choice. On the other hand, other parents prefer to opt for originality and look for a name that does not remind them of anyone or, if possible, a name so different that they make sure they have not met anyone with that name.

We propose one of these three beautiful, musical names with a lot of history: Gabriel, Michael and Raphael, the three archangels. Saint Gabriel is my favorite because he is the patron of communications and communicators, because he brought great news to the world: that the Son of God became man.

San Rafael also has a lot of work because it is very invoked to ward off diseases and to end the trips happily, especially now that we move so much throughout this world. And Saint Michael is a kind of talisman in the face of demons, especially he is asked to free us from the temptations that can keep us from the right path.

And it is that regardless of religious connotations, something these three names have in common is that they end in "the". This ending offers a pleasant musicality to these masculine names. Other names that also end like this for children are Manuel, Daniel, Israel, Ismael, Joel, Enmanuel, Samuel, Ariel, Gael, Uriel, Abel, Ángel, Fidel, Ezequiel, Pavel, Noel, Nataniel, Lionel and Karmel, among others.

If you like one strongly, you know, propose it to your partner. Think about what you like about this name, who does it remind you of, if, on the contrary, you don't know anyone who's called that and if it will look good with their first surname. Keep in mind that the name dresses the person and it is important that, when he is older, your child is comfortable with him.

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