Day of Saint Silvano, February 6. Names for boys

Day of Saint Silvano, February 6. Names for boys

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Silvano is a name for a boy of Latin origin whose meaning is related to the jungle and nature in general. It clearly alludes to the Roman god of the forests, Silvano, so it can be an ideal name for your child.

In addition, its use is not very frequent, so it is a plus of originality without falling into extravagance. He celebrates his name day on February 6, which is the day of San Silvano.

The name Silvano presupposes a strong and even powerful character, due to its connection with the land. He is an emotional personality with pure feelings, so we are talking about a person who values ​​loyalty above all and who can be trusted blindly. Silvano is also a person of resources and who does not lack the courage to face problems.

Your son's name belongs to the same family as Silvestre, Silverio and Silvio and has several female names like Silvia and Silvana. It is a very frequent name in Italy since it finds its origin in Roman mythology itself, Silvano being one of the few autochthonous gods that were not assimilated from Greek culture, since everything indicates that it is a god of Etruscan origin .

Thus, the name Silvano can take different forms, the best known being that of Silvio, with which the controversial Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi immediately comes to mind. Another Silvio that we know well is the Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez from whom we cannot forget emotional songs such as the mythical “Ojalá”.

Another form of your son's name is Silas, who we remember for being one of the protagonists of the best seller “The da Vinci code”. The filmmaker Silvano Agosti also comes from Italy, with several interesting works, among which the film “De amor se vive” stands out.

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