Tarara. Children's poem by García Lorca

Tarara. Children's poem by García Lorca

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Reading can become a hobby for children. For this, you have to offer books that are attractive to them, such as those of children's poetry. Many of these books contain traditional poems that all generations have heard in school or at home.

Among the most prestigious authors in the field of poetry is Federico Garcia Lorca. One of the best-known works by the Granada-born man is La tarara, a children's poem that has even been transformed into a song.

La Tarara, yes;

La Tarara, no;

the Tarara, girl,

that I have seen it.

Take the Tarara

a green dress

full of ruffles

and bells.

La Tarara, yes;

the tarara, no;

the Tarara, girl,

that I have seen it.

Show off my Tarara

her silk tail

over the gorse

and peppermint.

Oh, crazy Tarara.

Move your waist

for the boys

of olives.

Author: Federico García Lorca

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