Sport: A way to control hyperactivity

Sport: A way to control hyperactivity

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There is no doubt that the practice of one or more sports brings important benefits for the health and education of children. Physical exercise can be the long-awaited and desired way for many parents of hyperactive children to help their children focus their attention on some activity, and discharge all their energy.

An example of this is the case of the North American swimmer, Michael Phelps. Swimming, which in the 2008 Beijing Games It gave him eight Olympic medals, it was the solution found by his parents so that Phelps could channel the excessive energy he possessed, when he was just 9 years old. At this age, he had been diagnosed with an attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. Swimming became a physical activity for Phelps that helps him focus and control his energy.

Children who suffer from this disorder normally fail to focus on any activity, they cannot be still, and are all the time moving from one side to another. They easily lose interest, get bored, and leave everything half done. They are impulsive, they cannot control their emotions. They can also become aggressive and annoying when they don't feel understood. These symptoms are more evident in school, when this type of behavior can distract the attention of other children in class.

Like Phelps, many hyperactive children can also alleviate the symptoms of hyperactivity through sports. By unloading all their adrenaline in a sport such as cycling, swimming, fencing, or tennis, the child will be able to control their distraction and improve their concentration, because they will focus on a goal and they will become more disciplined. Depending on the degree of hyperactivity the child has, he or she may or may not need therapeutic support to help them lead a more normal life.

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