Games to stimulate children

Games to stimulate children

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Each child is unique and different, and parents must take this into account when stimulating them. One way to encourage the development of their abilities is to do it through play.

Games are a fundamental part of children's childhood. Through children's games, children develop their psychomotor skills, interact socially and, above all, have fun.

Here you have proposals for fun children's games to stimulate the development and learning of children. We also offer game ideas for children with learning disabilities.

Games for children with disabilities. Stimulation is essential for the development of children with disabilities. It should be stimulated in a controlled environment, where parents reduce their fears but, at the same time, the child can let go of their desire to explore.

Games to control enuresis. Games not to piss on. With a series of simple exercises, parents can encourage and stimulate their children, in a comfortable and fun way, to control their urine, to prevent problems such as infantile enuresis.

The game and psychomotor skills. The application or intervention of psychomotor skills in children's early education is done in a very fun and entertaining way. Psychomotor game for babies.

Games for children with autism. Ideas to stimulate children with autism. How to play, communicate or approach a child with the autism spectrum through stimulating activities. We propose a series of activities to stimulate children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to help them communicate and relate to others. Children with autism.

Games for hyperactive children. We explain how computer games are used to treat hyperactivity in children. Researchers, based on this technology, have developed some systems to collect data in children with ADHD and to enhance their attention span and concentration

Games with babies. Game ideas for 1 year old babies. We think that newborn babies, in general, live in their world and it still seems early to play with them. At the moment, the baby only seems to be interested in eating and sleeping, but, although it is their highest priority, from the first days of life we ​​can interact with them and stimulate them through games appropriate to their mental and physical development.

Games for nervous children. For children with these high doses of restlessness and energy, we must offer them appropriate activities and games to provide them with fun, relaxation or stillness.

Children who do not play alone. Many parents find it difficult to have a moment of solitude or time to themselves at home. They despair because their child does not want to play alone; He does not know or does not want to entertain himself in his room and always demands his attention so that they can attend to him or play with him. This lack of initiative when playing and creating games can be exhausting and also worrying.

Games of affection in the water. In the company of mom or dad, the baby learns to float in the water through a series of games in which physical contact, caresses and the exchange of looks and smiles stimulate him in all aspects. Midwifery is a unique experience, an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of love, knowledge and trust between the parents and the child.

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