When a child discovers his shadow for the first time

When a child discovers his shadow for the first time

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Some try to grab it. Most run away scared. There are those who remain very still, like a statue. But they all have something in common: and that is that children's reactions to the first time they see their shadow are above all tender.

No adult remembers his baby stage. Perhaps some very vague memory will come to us. But surely they are touches of a past that someone told us when we were older. The normal thing is that those first sensations, those first discoveries, are lost.

I would love to remember that moment, that first time I realized that someone was constantly following in my footsteps. Wherever it was. Maybe I got scared. Or maybe not. Each child is different and each baby reacts differently. Therefore, when I see this video, where different children see their shadow for the first time, I realize of the amount of memories that I would like to recover.

There are children who run and run, thinking that at some point they will get rid of their shadow. And others touch her, feel her, perhaps looking for another child in her. There are children who talk to her, without understanding why they have no answer. And children who do not even move. Just in case. In case that strange being pounces on them. Many are afraid and try to step on it. They do not understand very well what it is, what the shadow means. Why can't they get rid of it. Why walk by your side. Why does it change and go from being to the side to being behind, in front, under your feet. And someone breathes relief when they finally see that the only place where they can get rid of their shadow is, paradoxically, in another shadow.

Little by little they will understand that their travel companion is not dangerous. That they can even play with it. No need to escape.

The first time you discover your shadow. The first time you dance with her. The first time something makes you laugh. The first time you see the sea, that you discover a star, that you caress a flower. So many first times ... somewhere in that little diary that we can't find, but which is surely there, somewhere in our memories, waiting for us to read those first lines of childish lines again.

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Video: Toddler discovers his shadow for the first time (May 2022).