Most popular names for girls for 2015 in Chile

Most popular names for girls for 2015 in Chile

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It is not easy to choose a baby's name from the immense number of options. While some parents choose names that follow the family tradition, others prefer to follow trends. That is why we have looked at the most popular names in Chile.

Chilean girls will wear traditional names with renewed airs this 2015. Without fanfare of extravagance and with great simplicity, the most popular names for girls in Chile ooze beauty and charm. These are the trendy names for 2015 in Chile.

1. Sofia. It is a name of Greek origin that means 'wisdom'. It occupies the first place in the list of frequent names in many Latin American countries and it is not strange, since we are facing one of the most attractive names for a girl.

2. Emilia. This name has an Etruscan origin and its meaning is related to 'the force'. Despite being a name for a girl that has been known since ancient times, it has not been widely used until now, so it maintains all its freshness and originality.

3. Martina. The name is of Latin origin and its meaning is related to 'war', since it derives from the Roman god Mars. It is a name that is gaining great popularity in recent years and that stands out for that touch of distinction it possesses.

4. Florence. It is a name of Latin origin and has a meaning related to 'flowers'. It's one of those traditional flavored names that are being revitalized in recent years. Its strength is such that it has already been placed on the list of frequent names.

5. Carolina. This name is of Germanic origin and means 'the one who is strong'. It is one of the names preferred by Chilean families for their girls because it is full of delicacy. It also has great strength, capable of reinforcing the personality of any girl.

6. Ana Maria. It is a compound name of Hebrew origin, where Ana means 'full of grace' and Maria 'the beloved of God'. It is one of the most traditional and popular combinations in the world, with a personality that always keeps you current.

7. Antonella. The name has an Etruscan origin and an uncertain meaning. It is actually a variant of Antonia, but more modern and sophisticated. We like it for that seductive touch that is hard to resist.

8. Catalina. This name has a Greek origin and means 'clean'. It is a traditional name that has maintained all its strength because it gives off positive energy and brings a great personality.

9. Isidora. It is a name of Greek origin that means 'gift of Isis'. It enters strongly for this year in the list of popular names for girls because it exudes elegance and distinction. A safe bet for any girl.

10. Maria Angelica. The Hebrew origin of Mary is joined by the Greek origin of Angelica, which means 'messenger' to form one of the most charming compound names for girls.

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