Children's stories about colors

Children's stories about colors

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1. My first great color book
James Diaz, Melanie Gerth
A blue train ... a yellow sun. Learning colors is so much fun! All children will love such a special interactive book. They will be able to pull the train along the ¡Cha-ca-chá! They will be able to caress the chick and the red crab to walk through the sea.

2. Colors and shapes. Little einsteins

Get on board and prepare to blast off with the Little Einsteins for a funnier learning adventure. This series is designed to entertain your child while helping him discover and acquire new concepts.-Identify the basic colors.-Learn simple shapes.-Find the pairs.

3. Talkative colors. See, hear and touch
Various Authors

Cardboard with laminated cover, interactive book with musical module. Special book for the little ones with pages with sounds.

4. Psychology of color. How colors act on feelings and reason
Eva Heller

This book addresses the relationship of colors to our feelings and shows how the two are not accidentally combined, since their associations are not mere matters of taste, but rather universal experiences that are deeply rooted in our language and in our thinking.
Provides a large amount and variety of information on colors, such as popular sayings and knowledge, their use in product design, the different tests that are based on colors, curation through them, the manipulation of people, names and surnames related to colors, etc.

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