Winter menu for children with lactose intolerance

Winter menu for children with lactose intolerance

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The lactose It is a sugar that is present in all mammalian milk (cow, goat, sheep and human), and can also be found in many prepared foods.

Lactose intolerance occurs when there is not enough lactase in the small intestine to break down all the lactose consumed in food.

Before giving anything to a lactose intolerant child, parents should consider the following:

1. They should know what foods have lactose (milk, sausages, patés, margarines, ice cream, sauces, some cold cuts, enriched cereals, instant soups and ready meals).

2. They have to learn to read food labels packaged to check whether or not a food contains lactose, and warnings such as that stating that it "may contain traces of milk."

3. They should know about lactose-free dairy, since there are milk brands that they sell lactose-free product ranges, which can make the need to partially or completely exclude dairy from a diet more bearable.

4. Experiment in the kitchen and find lactose-free recipes that you can make at home.

Menu prepared by Cristina Abascal, nutritionist.

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