How to make a Christmas tree

How to make a Christmas tree

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Christmas in family. Christmas parties with children

Christmas trees made with different materials for children


Here is a fantastic craft to teach kids the value of recycling. To get this fun Christmas tree you only need ice cream sticks, paint, colored beads or buttons and glue.

It is such a simple craft that you can do it with children. Do you try?

See how I make a Christmas tree with ice cream sticks CLICKING HERE.

This is a craft especially dedicated to children. It is very simple and they are sure to have a great time creating their own Christmas tree.

You have to look for cardboard plates, the kind they use on birthdays. Also painting (for children's use). And although it is very simple to do, always stay close to them in case they need your help.

You can see how the Christmas tree of cardboard plates is made step by step CLICKING HERE.

This craft can also be made by children, because it is very simple, inexpensive and does not need many materials. Just cardboard, scissors, a roll of toilet paper, and glue.

In addition, these types of activities are very beneficial for children, since they improve and stimulate their motor and visual-tactile coordination and develop their creativity. Do you dare to make this original Christmas tree with them?

You can see how the recycled cardboard tree is made CLICKING HERE.

It may seem very easy to draw a fir tree, but for a very young child, it is not. The best thing is that you sit down with him and tell him how to do it.

Do you want to learn first to teach your child later? Well, do not miss this interesting step by step, which includes a video so that you understand it perfectly. Then, once you draw the tree, let your child decorate it to their liking.

You can see the video of how to draw the Christmas tree, step by step, CLICKING HERE.

The art of origami or origami offers us many possibilities. With paper you can do absolutely everything. So why don't we try to make a Christmas tree?

Maybe to get this craft to be perfect, you will have to practice a bit. You can watch the video as many times as you need. And although it is not explained, if you look closely, you will surely get it.

You can watch the video of how to make an origami Christmas tree CLICKING HERE.

We offer you a very original and simple craft. You only need ice cream sticks, sequins, paint, glue and all your creativity.

In fact, it is a Christmas craft that you can make with your children. They will love to attach and glue the colored sequins. You will see how a different tree turns out, very festive and above all ... brilliant!

You can see how to make the sequin Christmas tree step by step CLICKING HERE.

Take advantage of one of those walks that you take through the field with the children to collect fallen cork. Why? Because then you can use it to make this original craft.

It is about building a Christmas fir with pieces of trunk or with cork and buttons. Yes, you will finally give life to those buttons that fall and accumulate in a box.

You can learn how to make this original Christmas tree with wood and buttons CLICKING HERE.

If what your child really likes is coloring the drawings, don't worry, in Guiainfantil you will also find the templates you are looking for.

Let your children express themselves through color and decorate these little trees to their liking. Also ... did you know that colors also say a lot about your child's personality?

You will find fantastic drawings of Christmas trees to color CLICKING HERE.

If you want to send a Christmas or postcard for Christmas, we suggest one thing: do it yourself. You will have a pleasant time and you can customize it to your liking.

The postcard is of a Christmas tree with stars, and you don't need anything more than red, green and white card stock, black marker, scissors, glue and a ruler. Of course, you will also need a star-shaped die cutter. You have it? Let's do it!

Learn how to make the tree with stars postcard CLICKING HERE.

That your child is reluctant to eat fruit? Try presenting the fruit in a fun way. For example, shaped like a Christmas fir tree.

To make this recipe, you will need kiwi, currants, and strawberries. It is a very simple recipe and it will hardly take you time. In addition, it is an ideal dessert for Christmas. You take advantage of the benefits of fruit in an original way.

Learn how to make the Christmas tree with kiwi CLICKING HERE.

Another proposal to succeed with a healthy and original Christmas dessert. In this case, also, very sweet.

The goal is to make a Christmas tree out of grapes, currants, a banana and chocolate syrup. And also, you don't need to peel the grapes. It is very easy to do and the result is spectacular. You dare?

You can see the recipe for the Christmas tree made of grapes CLICKING HERE.

If when you put the Christmas tree you realize that, in addition to shiny balls and tinsel, you would like to add something different, you may be interested in this craft.

It's about making small felt Christmas trees that the children can later hang from the fir tree. You dare? You can see the step by step of this craft so you do not miss any details CLICKING HERE.

Another way to recycle is using what nature gives us. From a fallen branch we can make our own Christmas tree.

For this craft you will need gold paint, small pompoms, and red satin ribbons for decoration.

You can learn how to make the golden branch Christmas tree CLICKING HERE.

If you are one of those who still send postcards at Christmas to congratulate the holidays, congratulations! It is a beautiful tradition that should never go away.

Especially for you, who value a Christmas postcard as a token of affection, we suggest you create an original postcard: it is a Christmas fir tree created from hearts.

If you want to learn how to make this Christmas fir tree card with hearts, CLICK HERE.

Surely you have gift bows or ribbons of different colors at home. Yes, those same star-shaped ribbons that you use to decorate a box or wrapping paper at Christmas or on a birthday. And if not, you can create the stars with patent paper.

We suggest you use them to create a Christmas tree. How? Very easy. We explain how to do it step by step. The more colors you use, the more beautiful it will be! Learn how to make the Christmas tree out of gift ribbons CLICKING HERE.

Another original way to make a different Christmas tree is by using a magazine. It is not about making small origami figures. You will need the whole magazine, your hands and yes, a lot of patience.

To decorate the magazine Christmas tree, you can use small pompoms or felt figures.

Here you have a step-by-step explanation of how to make a Christmas tree with a magazine. You only have to CLICK HERE.

A tree hanging on a tree Christmas? Of course. Children will like to make this pretty Christmas tree out of felt and sequins. A simple and very easy craft to do.

You just need to cut out the tree design on the felt twice, then sew the two parts together. Before closing, fill it with cotton. Then, you just need to decorate with sequins, ribbons, bows, and whatever you want.

Do you like cookies And your children? If the answer is yes, you will not be able to resist this sweet Christmas recipe.

The goal is to build a Christmas fir tree ... with cookies! How do you get pastries? It's not very difficult to do, and it won't take you long either. You only need flour, sugar, butter, eggs and a lemon.

You can see how to make the Christmas tree with cookies CLICKING HERE.

Many families have a tradition of setting up the Christmas tree and thus decorating the house for the Christmas holidays. Guiainfantil has wanted to help us in our activities and offers us a most original and fun craft: a Christmas tree made with plasticine or molding mass.

Learn step by step to make this beautiful and fun craft with children, CLICKING HERE

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