Baby's first ride in a stroller

Baby's first ride in a stroller

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I still remember my grandmother telling me that babies should not be taken out of the house until a month after birth. Before it was very common to hear that the baby should only go to the pediatrician during his first month of life, but today these recommendations have changed and, if the weather is good and pleasant, the baby can go out for a walk from seven or ten days of life, even if only for a short period of time.

The newborn runs many risks in its development and growth, but for this reason we should not enclose it in a bubble. In summer, it is advisable to walk your baby in your stroller or stroller for at least half an hour a day. Walking with the newborn unleashes many benefits for the mother and the baby, who can adapt to the climate.

Always avoid hours of strong heat and direct exposure to the sun. Do not go out with your baby if it is raining, cold or the wind is strong. The most favorable times for the walk are mid-morning and mid-afternoon, which is when the breeze tends to be less and the sun is less intense.

Whenever you go out, even if the journey is short, it is advisable to carry a change of clothes and a diaper, your food and a toiletry bag with everything you need for hygiene, as well as a pack of wet wipes. In spring and autumn, it is advisable to also carry a blanket and in summer a lullaby. The stroller must be practical and safe. Before heading out, check the brakes and folding system. It is important that you have an awning, hood or umbrella to protect your baby from the sun, since their delicate skin is very prone to burns.

And do not forget about sun protection, since during the walk the direction of the sun's rays changes. Nevertheless, lThe soft and soft sun rays help the baby to synthesize the vitamin D that you need for the proper functioning of your body, contributes to boost your immune system and helps you whet your appetite. And when it comes to dressing him, properly covering the child is essential. Dress him as you dress and feel comfortable depending on the temperature of the day. It should not be hot or cold.

Excess clothing can cause you to feel hot and sweaty. Sweat, when you get cold, can be a direct cause of a cold. To check his body temperature, if you notice that the back of his neck is sweating, it is because he is excessively warm and, on the contrary, if his nose is cold, he is feeling cold.

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