How to identify a pedophile and pedophile

How to identify a pedophile and pedophile

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Tips to protect children from pedophiles and pedophiles


Children don't just use words to say something is wrong. Many times, his attitudes say much more about a situation that he is living. If you perceive that your child is having a different or strange behavior, talk to him, ask him about what he did, how his day was, who he has been with, etc. There are behaviors that can 'talk' about what is happening: the child is not hungry, he is sad, discouraged, tired, unwilling ...

If your child has had a bad experience, he will be scared and afraid to tell you what has happened. That is why it is important that you trust each other, always. Trust your child, be attentive to his needs and wants. Never doubt what he tells you. Remember that if you don't pay attention to your child, someone else will.

Children can learn to defend themselves by identifying some strange attitudes of someone towards their body. You have to teach them, for example, that there are three types of touches: bad touch, good touch and secret touch. Good or appropriate touches are support of the hands on the back or shake hands. Bad touches are kicks, punches, etc. And the secret touches are those that someone asks you not to tell anyone.

Advise your child that these touches should not exist. That if someone uses them, the child should immediately tell his parents. Teach your child that no one should touch their private parts, or those that are not covered with a bathing suit, or any other part of the body that makes them feel uncomfortable.

There is no better tool than the attention, affection and affection for children to gain their trust and loyalty. Children who do not receive a lot of parental attention are often vulnerable, and feel unprotected. They are the ones that arouse the most interest in pedophiles. Let your child know that he can always count on you and always have an open and honest dialogue with him.

Show interest in their activities, homework, hobbies, friends, etc. Always have time to be with them, every day, to perform a task such as playing, doing crafts, listening to music or reading a story, together. Being present in children's lives will make them stronger, safer and more protected.

Teach children to surf the Internet safely. Explain to them that, like in real life, there are also people we can't trust on the web, people who are there just to hurt us. Guide your child to surf the Internet safely, creating rules and limits:
- do not send photos for a person that you only meet online;
- do not talk to strangers even if they seem like the most friendly and generous people in the world;
-do not trust people who ask to keep secrets; etc.

For this, it is very important that the computer that your child uses is in an open place, where everyone can see it.

In the event that your child stays with a caregiver, it is advisable that you put a camera in your house, or that you ask a neighbor friend to come over from time to time to see if everything is okay. In some moments you will not be present with what you will need to use resources to know that your child is safe. Even if you know the caregiver well, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

When you go to choose a caregiver or caregiver, it is important that you ask for and check their references. It is necessary to know, for example, why he or she left his last job. On the other hand, also observe if there was any change in your child's behavior. The safety of your children, first.

The best way to protect your child from pedophiles is to be involved and always present in his or her activities. Be attentive to after-school activities that your children do. That does not mean that you have to accompany your child, but it is important that you know their teachers or monitors, and that you make it very clear that you are a present and interested father or mother.

If you cannot accompany your child on a field trip, trip, walk or camp, make sure that you know the adults who will be responsible for your child. Never leave your children in the care of people you don't know. The secret is that you are always present.

It is important to be aware of the news about pedophilia Y pederasty. Nothing better than information to keep one protected. Find out if there are pedophiles in your city, in your neighborhood or community.

It is advisable to have control of everything that surrounds children, whenever possible, of course. It is advisable to alert children so that under no circumstances they go with a stranger, whatever they say.

The pedophile has generally been observed to use tactics to get closer and gain the trust of children. They often use games and develop activities, as well as use languages ​​to deceive children, such as keeping secrets, caressing, touching, taking photos, applying bribes, declaring love, etc., not only to attract children but also to confuse them.

Pedophiles know the boy or girl and come closer as a way to meet some needs they may have, that is, if the children are withdrawn or shy, the pedophile will make them feel protected. If the child is nervous, it will make him feel calm, and so on.

The first thing a pedophile is to win the trust of the boy or the girl, even of their parents. It can take months, years, until you become a faithful friend of the family, being able to offer to take care of the little ones, take them to the movies, to the park and thus spend more time with them. Some pedophiles don't start abusing children until they gain their trust. How do they do that? Well, starting to offer them a candy, popcorn, etc.

In general, pedophiles look for children in vulnerable situations, in which they need emotional support, a 'friend'. They look for children who are experiencing a divorce from their parents, who do not have much parental attention ... in short, children who are alone. The pedophile will try to substitute the father or mother figure for the children.

Most of the pedophiles They do not show as much interest in adults as in children. They often choose jobs that allow them to be more in contact with children and thus be able to spend more time with them. But beware, that does not mean that teachers, camp monitors, caregivers or other professionals who work directly with children, for example, are pedophiles.

Pedophiles tend to talk about children as if they were adults, that is, they can refer to a child as they would to an adult. Pedophiles often declare their love for children and feel like they are still one of them.

Although anyone can be a pedophile, research reveals that the majority of pedophiles are men who generally have some history of sexual abuse and violence in their past. Some may have mental problems such as personality and behavior disorders.

The idea that homosexuals are more prone to pedophilia is wrong. Men, both heterosexual and homosexual, can be pedophiles. Pedophile women have a greater tendency to abuse boys than girls.

Although pedophiles They do not have a defined profile, that is, they cannot be identified so easily, studies reveal that most of them are known to abusive children. Thirty percent of children who were sexually abused were abused by a family member, and 60 percent by an adult they already knew who were not related to the family. That means only 10 percent of abused children were approached by an unknown person.

In most of the cases that are registered and reported, the pedophile is someone known to the children, at school, in the neighborhood, in their community, in their after-school classes, camps, caregivers ... Without forgetting that anyone of the family can also be a pedophile, parents, grandparents, uncles, cousins, stepparents or stepmothers, etc.

The pedophiles they do not have a specific physical characteristic, profession or personality type. They can be of any gender, race or religion, have any occupation, and practice any type of sport or hobby. A pedophile can be a loving, attractive, sympathetic, apparently good and generous person.

This means that a pedophile can be anyone, known or unknown, who has a great capacity to attract and win the trust of children. A person can be a pedophile, regardless of their sexual orientation, that is, if they are heterosexual or homosexual.