Christmas tree drawing. Learn to draw step by step

Christmas trees arrive with the holidays to decorate our houses. It is one of the most popular Christmas symbols, now you can make a personalized tree if you learn to draw it, and use it for Christmas decoration!

For children to learn how to make a Christmas tree, brings you this simple tutorial, step by step and on video. Teach children to draw Christmas pictures so they can make personalized cards.

Follow this tutorial step by step to learn how to draw a simple Christmas tree.

1. Make three triangles one on top of the other, from smallest to largest to make the tree.

2. Put a rectangle at the bottom to make the log.

3. Circle the vertices of the triangle and inside the tree to paint the decorative balls.

4. Lastly, paint a star on top of the tree.

You can also follow the step by step to draw a Christmas tree on video.

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Video: How to Draw a Realistic Christmas tree with pencil. #Draw step by step (January 2022).