Books and stories about Bullying - School Harassment

Books and stories about Bullying - School Harassment

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Bullying or bullying is one of the issues that most concerns parents. Above all, because it is often cruel and destructive to children and very difficult to handle. It does not depend only on the bullied child, but on the institutions (school) where the bullying occurs and on the bullies. A delicate subject that needs our full attention.

Bullying can make a child's school performance worse, and more seriously, it can damage their emotional integrity. It is a very serious subject that everyone should commit to. Here we offer you some book titles that may be able to help you better understand the magnitude of this problem, to do all possible means to avoid it and to seek solutions if you notice any sign of bullying in your child.

1. Bullying. Bullying
Rosa Serrate

Bullying - School Harassment seeks solutions not only for those parents and educators who face this problem every day, but for the whole of society, since as Rosa Serrate affirms "Bullying is a phenomenon that affects us all".
Reading this book will allow everyone to know the causes of bullying, starting with the origin of the problem and raising the need to find solutions to this issue. As the author states: "It is advisable to start working on emotional education as soon as possible, and to provide our children and adolescents with alternatives of behavior in the face of aggression".
Bullying - School Harassment It is a practical guide for all those parents and educators who want to avoid these situations and who are able to face them from the base, such as an education based on respect for others and on their own self-esteem.

2. SOS Bullying. Prevent bullying and improve coexistence
Ferran Barri

This work tries to highlight the situation in the Spanish educational system by analyzing in detail the different problems that the members of the educational community coexist with every day. One of them, perhaps the most important, is the conflictive situations faced by both students, teachers and parents, due to cases of bullying, indiscipline, adaptation problems, violence ... In this book its author analyzes these situations and makes concrete proposals to improve coexistence in classrooms.

3. Bullying
William voors

Violence at school is currently widely disseminated in the news media, given the social problems that it entails. According to recent studies, in Spain, without going any further, one in four students is a victim of school violence. The rate of bullying in classrooms, mostly of a psychological type, is up to seven times higher in primary school students than among those who finish high school. For several decades, researchers in many countries have been reporting the serious consequences of bullying, which in extreme cases can lead to suicide, of which we unfortunately have recent examples. This book is an indispensable resource for parents whose children are affected by this growing phenomenon. The author, deeply knowledgeable on the subject, defines the many variants of abusive behaviors, provides lists of signs thanks to which parents can discover if their child is being bullied and contains suggestions on how to implement lines of conduct that counteract abusive behavior.

4. Bullying no! Learn to say No!
Stéphanie Duval, Manu Boisteau

This collection explores situations in everyday life in which children can find themselves unprotected or helpless, offering tips for rejecting them and knowing how to react.

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