Tips for Children to Take Care of Their Body

Tips for Children to Take Care of Their Body

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Neck, back or joint pain should not be one of the most common problems in childhood. We are born with a body and it has to last us in good condition for a lifetime, that is why it is essential to prevent bad habits in childhood that can be a heavy burden for the future. Our child's young body must be cared for with hope so that it can grow robust and healthy.

Our school-age children are faced with situations on a daily basis where their backs are stretched, and sometimes the consequences can be irreversible. They can cause from simple discomfort or pain to more serious problems such as infantile scoliosis, early osteoarthritis or prevent the proper growth of bones. How should they take care of their body? Well, there are some habits, such as maintaining the correct position of the back, brushing teeth, washing hands, etc., that we must instill from when they are very young.

If you want your children to learn, from a very young age, to take care of their body, you should consider some tips:

1. The example. Children, especially the youngest ones, tend to imitate their parents in everything. If the father or mother showers every day, the child will too. If they eat vegetables, the children will acquire the same habit. So it is very important that children have good examples at home.

2. The bathroom. After a very active day, school and other activities, it is healthy for children to bathe to remove dirt and rid their bodies of germs.

3. Brush your teeth. After each meal, that is, breakfast, lunch and dinner, children must learn and have the habit of brushing their teeth, to prevent cavities from forming.

4. Play outside. It is important to play a lot, do sports outdoors, and not spend many hours sitting at the computer or watching television. The sun is important for your child's bones. Apart from that, it is important that children bundle up warmly on cold days and do not get overwhelmed on hot days.

5. Sleep well. Good sleep and rest help children grow. When the child is rested they will have more energy to do many things that you like. Children must get plenty of rest in order to perform their day-to-day functions well.

6. Sun protection. The sun is good, but not too good. In hotter times, especially, we must protect children's skin from the sun, especially in the hottest hours. One of the habits of children should be to protect their skin with a cream with an appropriate protection factor for their skin.

7. Posture. Children must learn to sit correctly in chairs and to take weight always flexing their knees, as well as carrying their school backpack without too much weight. They should learn to fasten a seat belt when in the car, carry a backpack with a weight appropriate to their age and weight, and acquire good posture to study, eat or do some activity.

8. Weight of backpacks. Children's backpacks should have wide, padded straps, with firm adjustments so that they are not below the waist and always hung on both shoulders to distribute the weight.

9. Play sports. Playing sports is essential for the correct growth of children's bodies. Stretching helps your body avoid injury or pain.

10. Wound healing. Every time they fall or hurt themselves, children should seek help and a cure. For this, it is important that you have a first aid kit at home and another in the car.

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