My child does not accept the bottle

My child does not accept the bottle

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There is no way my friend's baby will accept the bottle nipple: she wiggles it from side to side, pushes it with her tongue, and if she sucks it by mistake she looks scared. Her mother does not know what to do because in a few weeks she will start working, after maternity leave. Little Cristina clings to her mother's breast with all her might. Does this sound familiar to you, right?

The partial weaning of the baby, sometimes, is a complicated issue, because our little one is not always willing to give up the warmth and wonderful satisfaction that his mother's breast provides him, he cannot understand that his mother wants to deprive him of that privilege. Starting to offer them the bottle, either to incorporate the first cereals or to progressively wean them, is not always easy.

We can take into account some recommendations to facilitate the process:

- Be patient and insist. When the baby's reaction is to refuse outright, it requires our understanding, but also our firmness.

- Make sure that our baby is hungry, since babies often do not suckle out of hunger, but because they feel the closeness and comfort of their mother when they are tired or upset.

- Do not give in. Finally when they are hungry they will end up accepting it or, at least, trying it. Never get angry or despair at the baby's refusal.

- Make sure that the nipple is appropriate for the age and the type of food. Assess the material, the shape and the outflow (there are only for milk or for milk with cereals).

- We can start preparing the bottle (with or without cereals) with our own milk, since sometimes they find it strange not the nipple, but the taste of formula milk.

- It can help that the mother is not the one who feeds the baby, since he will be nervous when smelling mother, without getting the breast he was used to.

- If you do not accept the nipple in any way, use other means like the spoon (the porridge must not be too thick).

- Weaning must be gradual. We must gradually substitute breast feeds for bottles or baby food, so that we do not have excessive congestion in the breasts. Milk production will decrease as the child sucks less.

Finally, it is wrong to think that it will cost us too much to wean him or that the baby will never do it on his own. Normally when breastfeeding is prolonged and complementary with other foods (necessary to meet their energy and nutritional needs), the baby will begin to suckle less and less and will give priority to these other foods. With the use of the spoon, they will begin to overcome their need for suction.

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