Sleeping Beauty. Traditional tales for children

Sleeping Beauty. Traditional tales for children

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Many years ago, in a distant kingdom, a queen gave birth to a beautiful girl. For the christening party, the kings invited all the fairies of the kingdom but, unfortunately, they forgot to invite the most evil.

Although she has not been invited, the evil fairy appeared at the castle and, as she passed in front of the baby's crib, put a curse on her saying: "When you turn sixteen you will prick yourself with a spindle and you will die."

Hearing this, a good fairy who was nearby, pronounced an incantation in order to mitigate the terrible condemnation: "By pricking herself instead of dying, the girl will remain asleep for a hundred years and only the kiss of a good prince will wake her."

Years passed and the little princess became a very beautiful girl. The king had ordered all spindles in the castle to be destroyed in order to prevent the princess from getting pricked.

But that was useless. When she was sixteen, the princess went to an unknown place in the castle and there she met a deaf old woman who was spinning.

The princess asked him to let her try. And what the bad fairy had foreseen happened: the princess pricked herself with the spindle and fell to the ground.

After various attempts, no one managed to overcome the curse and the princess was stretched out on a bed full of flowers. But the good fairy did not give up.

He had a brilliant idea. If the princess was to sleep for a hundred years, everyone in the kingdom would sleep with her. Thus, when the princess wakes up she would have everyone around her.

And so he did. The fairy's golden wand rose and traced a magical spiral in the air. Instantly all the inhabitants of the castle slept.

Everything in the castle had fallen silent. Nothing moved, neither the fire nor the air. All asleep. Around the castle, a strange and lush forest began to grow that was completely hiding the castle in the course of time.

But at the end of the century, a prince, who was hunting there, came to its surroundings. The wounded animal, to save itself from its pursuer, found no better hiding place than the thicket of brambles that surrounded the castle.

The prince descended from his horse and, with his sword, tried to make his way. He moved slowly because the tangle was very dense. Disheartened, he was about to back away when, pushing aside a branch, he saw something ...

He kept moving until he reached the castle. The drawbridge was down. Leading the horse by the reins, he entered, and when he saw all the inhabitants lying on the stairs, in the corridors, in the courtyard, he thought with horror that they were dead.

Then he calmed down to see that they were only asleep. "Awake! Awake!" He screamed over and over again, but to no avail. Increasingly surprised, he went into the castle until he reached the room where the princess slept.

For a long time he contemplated that serene face, full of peace and beauty; she felt the love that she had always waited in vain born in her heart.

Excited, he approached her, took the girl's hand and gently kissed her ... With that kiss, the girl suddenly woke up and opened her eyes, waking up from the very long sleep.

Seeing the prince in front of him, he murmured: “You have finally arrived! In my dreams I cherished this long-awaited moment. ”The enchantment had been broken.

The princess rose and held out her hand to the prince. At that moment the entire castle woke up. They all got up, looking at each other in surprise and wondering what had happened.

When they realized this, they ran madly with joy alongside the princess, more beautiful and happy than ever. After a few days, the castle, until then immersed in silence, was filled with music and joyous laughter on the occasion of the wedding.


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