Will fewer boys be born in the future?

Will fewer boys be born in the future?

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I thought that more girls were born than boys. I don't know why, I've always thought about it (maybe because we were always more girls in class). And it turns out that it is not true. More boys are born. It is estimated that for every 107 boys, 100 girls are born. However, the statistic is changing.

Now, Japanese scientists say that in the future, more girls will be born than boys. And that they, the females, will be an absolute majority. Why? The fault of everything is the unstoppable Climate Change.

It turns out that the catastrophic dimensions of Climate Change not only affect the melting of the poles and the desertification of many other areas of the planet. Also, of course, it causes temperatures to rise in some points and drop alarmingly in others. And what does this have to do with the births of boys and girls?

Japanese scientists suggest in a recent study (led by Dr. Misao Fukuda, of the M & Health Institute of Tokyo), that lChanges in external temperature affect the fetus. And the explanation is not that at the moment of conception the random choice decides to give in to the strength of the women. The study clarifies that the male fetus is more vulnerable to changes in temperature, while the female is much better adapted to thermal variations.

The Japanese study is based on thermal variations that have occurred in Japan since the 1970s. Scientists have observed that during peaks of heat waves or especially cold winters, many more fetuses of male babies did not reach term. The conclusion: the female sex, since it is in the womb, adapts better to extreme temperatures. As always, in this type of study, caution. Time will tell.

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