How to use essential oils in pregnancy

How to use essential oils in pregnancy

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Aromatherapy is a very old practice. It is used to take advantage of the benefits of plants and to directly treat discomfort or various disorders. During pregnancy, they can also be used to relieve some symptoms or discomfort typical of pregnancy, such as nausea in the first months or swelling so typical of the last days.

Although essential oils are prohibited during pregnancy, many others can be safely used during pregnancy.

An aromatherapy massage helps the pregnant woman to relax. What's more endorphins are secreted, which are the hormones of happiness and it also helps generate enkephalins, hormones that fight pain. One way to use aromatherapy is in the bathtub. Soaking in warm water in the afternoon or at night (never too hot), helps to get rid of the fatigue and tension accumulated throughout the day.

Another way to benefit from aromatherapy is through diffusers or compresses. If you want to treat a headache or cramp, put a couple of drops of essential oil mixed with cold water on a cloth or compress. If instead you want to treat fatigue or chronic pain like back pain, mix a couple of drops of essential oil with hot water in a compress.

Essential oils are very useful to treat multiple discomforts of pregnancy, from nausea in the first days of pregnancy to insomnia or it is even used to treat postpartum depression. But during pregnancy, always use natural oils, never synthetic. We explain what essential oils you can use and how you should apply them:

- Cypress essential oil It is very good against hemorrhoids, for blood circulation and to prevent the appearance of varicose veins. To treat hemorrhoids, put five drops of cypress essential oil into a bidet filled with water and take a sitz bath for a few minutes. Consult your gynecologist anyway about the use of this oil during pregnancy, as there are conflicting opinions.

- Cardamom essential oil it is very good to relieve tiredness. It is best to inhale it.

- Ginger used for stomach problems such as heartburn and constipation, but use only during pregnancy from the fourth month. For heartburn, it is applied with a gentle massage in the solar plexus area. If you massage the lower part of the gut, you will be fighting constipation.

- The properties of jasmine and orange blossom They are very numerous, but they are indicated, for example, to prepare you the days before delivery. It will alleviate pain and make you more relaxed during the dilation period. You can inhale it or use its properties through massage, in a relaxing bath or using compresses.

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