Honey in the diet of children

Honey in the diet of children

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The process by which bees transform flower nectar into honey may seem magical, but it is not. As the properties of this delicious product also seem magical in the diet of children and adults. Honey It is one of the foods that most benefits the body, that is why it is convenient to include it in children's nutrition.

Given the increase in childhood obesity, parents are increasingly concerned about feeding our children. What are we doing wrong? The proposal is a more natural diet, a return to the healthiest and most natural basic products brought directly from nature to our home. And honey is one of those jewels of nature that children cannot miss.

Honey is one of the more complete foods and what more benefits they bring to the health of children. It is a product with a high content of vitamins and minerals, which favors the growth of the little ones and also provides all the energy that children need to face long school days.

In addition, honey increases the production of red blood cells, protects the circulatory system, regulates the nervous system and promotes physical and mental recovery after an effort such as exam season, for example. The immune system also reaps the benefits of honey by increasing defenses and protecting children from infections more frequent.

There is a controversy surrounding honey and baby food. Cases of infant botulism in babies with immature digestive systems related to the consumption of honey. Although experts do not agree on whether the risk is real or not, they advise not to include this food before the baby is 1 year old.

From that moment, the possible risk of botulism from ingesting honey disappears and the child can obtain all the benefits of this food that is almost a elixir of health. The best way for children to consume honey in their daily diet is to include it in their breakfast. A child who gets used to eating a full and healthy breakfast will grow into an energetic child and grow into a healthy adult.

Time to replace the industrial bakery breakfast for delicious and natural foods. A teaspoon of honey in a glass of milk or a toast of bread with honey should not be missing in the breakfast of our children. The snack is another of the moments in which we can include honey in the children's daily diet with a toast of fresh cheese or spread cheese watered with honey. Do not be afraid that the child will make trouble. Who could resist some pancakes with honey?

Laura Velez. Contributor to our site

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