The best instrument to initiate the child in music

The best instrument to initiate the child in music

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The decision to choose a good instrumental option to initiate our little one is linked to the consent of the parents by the predilection of one or the other.

There are no better or worse instruments, only different instruments for children with different abilities and tastes. However, depending on their physical and cognitive abilities according to age, there are some more advisable than others.

'Mom, can I play the guitar?' 'Dad, I want to play the drums!' 'Daddies, can you buy me a trumpet?' ...

How many parents have not seen yourself reflected in any of these questions asked by your children? Well, don't panic ... The choice of a musical instrument for your children depends mostly on you. Many determining factors play a role: financial investment, the child's taste for the instrument, and whether the instrument is suitable for future musical learning.

The first thing to consider is age. A child can start instrumental education at different ages and it is a fact to take into account.

- From 2 to 7 years: Before the age of 7 it is not advisable to start a wind instrument. The students pick up bad postural, embouchure and breathing habits and may have technical problems with instrumental practice in the future. On the contrary string instruments, both dotted, (guitar), as rubbed (violin), or percussed (piano), are ideal to be able to start in the musical equation at these ages. They are simpler in execution and whether they decide later to continue with this specialty or not, it is always a good base of musical learning that will last forever.

- From 7 years: Any child at 7 years of age is the ideal age to start on any musical instrument. Their physical and cognitive abilities are ready to venture to play any instrument of different specialty: Woodwind, Metal, Percussion, String ...

Let's not forget that parents, teachers and counselors, we must think of music as a vehicle to ENJOY, LEARN AND SHARE and never censor or dispense with the child's tastes. It is essential for your musical initiation.

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