My daughter asks me to read the same story to her over and over again

My daughter asks me to read the same story to her over and over again

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'Another time, another time ...', that's what my little girl said when I told her a story or put on a song that she liked. That happened with her favorite children's movies, with the books that she always carried under her arm, with the songs that made her dance until she fell to the ground ...

At first, this thing of repeating and repeating over and over again each little thing worried her father and I a little, but over time we have realized that it was positively stimulating for her language and vocabulary.

What do you know what I'm talking about? Surely your child is awakened by the same excitement and enthusiasm to listen to a story or song that he likes over and over again. Chatting with other mothers, I realized that in their homes it is also very common, especially with younger children.

In addition to promoting language and promoting children's vocabulary, repetition also exercises their memory. I remember that my daughter knew many dialogues from the stories I told her by heart. And the same with movies.

This is how children are, this is how they learn to say the first words or speak another language ... with repetition! A study conducted by the British University of Sussex reveals that repeating the same story over and over again is very positive for children's learning.

The research exposed two groups of 3-year-olds to learning two new words. Each of the new words were made up words to designate an unknown object. During a week, one of the groups of children heard three different stories with these words and the other group only one story several times with the same new words. After the week, it was noted that children who had heard only one story remembered the new words better than children who had heard three different stories.

The first time a child hears a story, he is concerned with understanding the story; the second, perceives the details and the description, and so on. So the next time your child asks you to read a story over and over again, even if it seems boring, think about the benefits that this represents for his language.

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