Identify and enhance the abilities of the gifted child

Identify and enhance the abilities of the gifted child

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Many families are faced with a great lack of guidance or a complete lack of knowledge about how to stimulate to develop the intellectual potential of their gifted children. Many do not even know that their child may have high intellectual capacities, since currently in Spain the high intelligence of children is not promoted or recognized or taken advantage of, wasting the existing talent in some children.

If you have ever wondered if your child could have high abilities, you should know that there are some signs that can indicate that a child may be gifted.

Babies may possess advanced motor skills in manipulating objects and in paying attention to images and details. Before the year they could present precocious speech such as the use of simple phrases and the beginning of walking without restraint.

From the age of two they can memorize the stories that we read to them, and have a great capacity and rapid development for creativity and concentration. From the age of three, rich oral expression and fluency in speech are a distinguishing sign. But beware! precocity in all senses is only a hint, but not a conclusion; in this sense, we should distinguish between talented and gifted children.

When a child is gifted, stimulation based on games of skill and creativity is necessary, especially on the part of the family. Parents have a fundamental role, your children will require more time than is normal, since their need for learning is usually exaggerated. Later, when they start school, you should seek the help of professionals who can guide you in the treatment of your child in particular and the activities to follow.

It is convenient to evaluate the child by specialists and teach them not only cognitive abilities, but also the development of other types of intelligences such as emotional and social intelligence, for which we should enhance their integration so that they do not feel like the "rare" in relation to Other children. Sometimes there is an erroneous interpretation of the high capacity of the child, since it can present maladaptive behaviors. It is a great mistake for educators to focus on those who have a deficit, as is often the case, and not on a gifted child when he is very sensitive to marginalization.

A gifted child can face numerous problems when there is a lack of attention to his cognitive development. This can suppose them, among other things, a constant frustration since, if their capacities are not attended to, that great potential that the child possesses will gradually atrophy, giving rise to their dissatisfaction.

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