Christmas postcard with stars. Felt crafts

Christmas postcard with stars. Felt crafts

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During Christmas we decorate our homes with different decorations, one of them is the stars, like the ones that decorate this card craft. A way to teach our children the meaning of this special symbol.

The star is a central part of the Christmas decoration. It marked the path of the Magi to the portal of Bethlehem, and now the children can recover the tradition to use it in this Christmas card with stars made with felt.

  • Star template
  • White felt
  • Red and pink buttons
  • Red sequins
  • Pink sequins
  • Green card
  • Black marker
  • Red and pink markers
  • Glue
  • Pair of scissors

1. To form the base of the card, cut out a 15 x 30 cm green card and fold it in half. So we will have a 15 x 15 cm postcard.

2. Print out the star template (you can download it HERE) and cut out the silhouettes.

3. With a black marker, mark the silhouettes on the felt, then carefully cut them out.

4. Put glue on the stars and place them on the cardboard, so that they are slightly overlapped and at different heights.

5. Put glue in the center of the stars, and glue the buttons. Add more glue dots and sequins on top of the stars, shaping them any way you like.

6. With colored markers, trace the edge of the stars over the felt. Your postcard is ready!

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Here is the video to see the step by step of how it is done

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