Autism: Will it be possible to detect it during pregnancy?

Autism: Will it be possible to detect it during pregnancy?

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The possibility of detecting autism during pregnancy may be a reality, thanks to the conclusion of a study by scientists from the University of Cambridge, which reveals a relationship between high levels of testosterone in the amniotic fluid of pregnant women, with autism.

During the investigation the English scientists followed the behavior of 235 children, from birth to eight years of age, and found that there was a link between testosterone levels in amniotic fluid with behaviors typical of autism, when the children reached eight years of age.

Among other things, they presented lack of sociability and verbal difficulties. Surely, you are asking the same thing as me. Will it be possible to detect autism with the amniocentesis test? Until today, this prenatal test that consists of extracting and analyzing a sample of the amniotic fluid that surrounds the fetus, only offered the possibility of identify if the fetus had Down syndrome.

Although we all know that autism brings communication problems for affected children, it is not ignored that the disorder is also related to the ability and children's talent for math or music. Considering both sides, Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, director of the research, agrees that there should be a debate on this. For him, being able to detect Down Syndrome is not the same as Autism. It is a different condition, since autism is related to talent.

Some members of the National Autism Society They believe that a test for autism can help parents prepare to help their child. If tests are put into practice to detect autism during pregnancyWould couples be interested in doing it? What would you do if the tests found autism? Would there be the same interest as there is with Down Syndrome? If there was a prenatal test for autism, could that represent the removal of children with autism from the population?

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