Continue the story or drawing. Easy games for kids

Continue the story or drawing. Easy games for kids

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Children's creativity is one of their greatest virtues, and one of those that makes us parents most happy. With their overflowing imagination they bring us stories and occurrences that we can leave forever with this game.

The game of 'continue the story' or 'continue the drawing' not only fosters these capacities, but is also ideal for promoting the psychomotor development of the youngest children, and perfecting the writing of older children.

Recommended age:From 3 years

Players: 2 or more

How to play: On a white sheet of paper, the first player begins a story or a drawing. In the case of drawing an object is made, in the case of history a sentence. The sheet is passed to the next player, who must continue with the story or drawing consistently. You can do one or more rounds to complete it.

To make it more varied, each child can be given a different material to draw (crayons, markers, etc.) or, in the case of the story, a word that they must use.

Benefits for children: It is one of the games that most encourages collaboration and solidarity. Teach children to respect the work of others and to do team activities. It also helps them develop their imagination and improves fine motor skills.

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