Bracelet to monitor and control baby's sleep

Bracelet to monitor and control baby's sleep

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It seems that watch-babies their days are numbered. A new invention has just been released to control and monitor your baby from a distance. Is named Sproutling and it is an ankle bracelet that monitors the baby's sleep and sends all the data about his movements, heartbeats, his position in the crib, the temperature of his body and the room, etc., to his father's mobile or his mother, through a simple smartphone application, with a version for Android Y iPhone. How about?

This latest invention, which looks like a digital caregiver, is suitable for babies up to two years of age, is hypoallergenic, and comes with a charger. Its battery lasts about three days. It has not yet been launched on the market, but it can already be booked online. It costs about $ 250.

This revolutionary bracelet allows you to check your baby's temperature and even predict when he will wake up. And all from gathering information on the baby's two-week sleep patterns. What more can we ask for?

Sproutling It is the smallest remote baby monitor in the world. This smart anklet has been created by a company founded by two San Francisco parents. The device has inside a proximity sensor that detects if it has come loose from the baby's leg, and warns accordingly. It can also be a good tool to prevent sudden infant death as it warns the baby's sleeping position.

It is clear that technology does not stop surprising us, right? Whether or not we buy a product for our baby will depend on the need and whether or not we can pay for it. However, there are parents who prefer to monitor their baby personally. And you, what do you prefer?

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