Orange wedges with gelatin. Fun recipe for kids

Parents are always concerned with offering food that is healthy, rich and nutritious at the same time, to their children. One of the desserts that children like the most is gelatin. Its texture, freshness and flavor attract them like ants to a sugar nougat. For this reason, we have prepared a very fun recipe for orange wedges made from gelatin, so you can prepare and taste it with the children.

It is an exquisite, attractive and very practical recipe to prepare, very rich in vitamin C. Let's start ...

  • 2 oranges (for two people)
  • 1 envelope of gelatin
  • 1 glass of hot water

Tips: The gelatin sachet can be orange, pineapple, lemon flavored or whatever the children like best. Apart from that, you can also use other fruits like grapefruit, lemon, etc.

1- After washing the oranges, cut them in half and squeeze them to get their juice. Then carefully remove the pulp from the oranges, emptying them. Reserve.

2- Bring the glass of water to boil. When it is very hot, add the gelatin powder and stir until it dissolves completely. Let it cool down.

3- When the gelatin mixture is cold, add the orange juice and stir. Next, place each half of the oranges in a glass and fill it with the gelatin mixture.

4- Stuffed all the segments, put them in a source and take them to the fridge. In one or two hours they will be set.

5- When the gelatin is done, cut the segments, very carefully.

6- And here we have our gelatin segments, refreshing and nutritious.

Recipe made by Clara Z. Cambra

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