Ankle sprain in children

The practice of a sport must be taken calmly and prudently. And the role of parents and educators, as well as sports coaches or coaches who work with children, is very important. On many occasions, parents take their child's sport too seriously, and on the other hand, children also feel pressured, encouraged, and even reflected in the great stars of football, tennis, to be professionals as soon as possible, although many do not play in and with the proper means.

About 20 percent of the injuries suffered by children are due to sports causes. Ankle or cruciate ligament sprains are the most common in children who play sports, according to experts. Knee injuries are increasing and are very common among children who play more than one sport. Specialists also warn that if a child plays and is injured, he cannot continue playing because he would have muscle and joint damage.

When a child has an injury, he must stop playing sports to treat and cure it, for his future. Immobilize the affected area and interrupt the inflammatory process with medications prescribed by the doctor. Then, start the rehabilitation process until you fully recover. To prevent injuries, children must be prepared from when they are very young because before playing a sport, they must stretch, wear good shoes and above all have fun doing it.

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