This is how your child is in the womb

This is how your child is in the womb

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The first time I saw my daughter she was only 9 weeks pregnant. And it was the most shocking moment of my life. I called her 'little astronaut', because I still did not know if she was a boy or a girl and floated in the infravidity of free and serene amniotic fluid, as if flying without wings through the immensity of the universe. She was only 9 weeks old and yet she was already a little person. He had his head, his body, his hands and his feet. His little fingers were timidly sensed on each hand. Five. You can count them.

It was only a moment. Enough. His image was etched on my retina forever. And now, every time I see such wonderful images as these, I remember her, and I never cease to amaze and congratulate science for allowing us to contemplate this miracle.

The images of the Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson they were made more than forty years ago. It never ceases to amaze me that for so long a photographer was able to undress with such beauty the mystery of life. Small details of great and indelible moments. Gestures of the face inside, movements inside the mother's womb or the growth of nails and hair. His most famous photograph, of a 20-week-old fetus sucking his thumb, was on the cover of the magazine. Time in 1991. Here we collect only some of the photographs that he managed to capture thanks to an endoscope and that he published in his book 'Et barn blir till'(A child is born) at a time when there were no 3D ultrasounds and mothers could only dream of their child's face.

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