What children learn while cooking

What children learn while cooking

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Learning to cook is not only one useful teaching for the future of any childIt can also help them with the learning of other disciplines such as mathematics, science, language and vocabulary or even to learn more about other cultures.

We may have a day to day so stressed that, due to lack of time, it is difficult for us to put our children in the kitchen to help us, however, the benefits of all this will be greater than 'the little mess' that can be assemble in the kitchen in no time.

The other day I got home in the afternoon and my mother, who was taking care of my children, had made a lasagna with them. Each wore an apron and they were so exultant that between voices and talking one on top of the other, they tried to tell me what they had cooked and how. One would show me the recipe my mother had written them, the other would tell me the ingredients, they would try to get me to try it ...

My mother looked exhausted and exhausted, they had both driven her a little crazy in the process, but they were happy and happy to have made their first lasagna. In addition, they had learned a lot of things while making.

And the thing is, putting children in the kitchen can generate a bit of chaos: they want to touch everything, participate in everything, they change activities every two by three and they have little patience. However, the benefits are enormous:

- children learn about the different types of food: vegetables and animals and where they come from.

- know the difference between vegetables, greens and fruits, something that costs them when they are little, and they expand their vocabulary.

- begin with mathematics since many recipes require exact measurements of certain foods.

- Not only do they delve into the gastronomy of the different regions of their country, since we can prepare native dishes with them, but we can also teach them to cook exquisite Mexican, Arab or Colombian dishes and thus introduce them to other cultures.

- they learn, without realizing it, on scientific principles, such as at what temperature water boils or why certain foods like water and oil do not mix.

Our kitchen may seem like a battlefield at the end of the process, but we can also take advantage of that to teach them that you have to be clean in the kitchen, collect everything that we have dropped and leave it in perfect condition once our work as cooks is finished.

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