What's in a mommy's bag for her baby?

What's in a mommy's bag for her baby?

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Before you start reading this blog, stop and look at your bag, what do you have in it? If you're not a mom, it probably contains the purse, a bag for paints, sunglasses, and tissues. But, if you are a mother, the elements multiply and sometimes our bags look like top hats from which, as if by magic, children's medicines, snacks, toys begin to come out ... like Mary Poppins' bag! !!

When our babies are very young, we usually carry a bag attached to the stroller. In it we usually put endless elements, our shoulders do not have to carry it, so sometimes we overload it. The basics of this bag are usually:

- diapers
- wet wipes
- cream for diaper rashes
- a bottle
- change of clothes in case the baby gets stained

However, when our children no longer need to leave the house with a pushchair and can walk alone, we tend to accommodate certain items within our own bag. And, at the cost of carrying a bag that can weigh a hundredweight, we are putting things that can be useful to us. So much so that the other day in the park a mother took a small sewing kit out of her bag to sew a button for her son's baby that was about to fall. What a level, I thought ...

There is always a toy in my bag, even when I clean my bag, the toys end up appearing at the bottom of it as if by magic. I just looked at the one I am wearing now and two little trains rest peacefully next to my wallet, an arnica bar in case my children fall, a small packet of wet wipes, some glasses and a few crumbs that fell from the cookie jar I put yesterday in case my children were hungry during the time we were away from home. This morning I took out the canteens, it was not a question of coming to work with them ...

What do women carry in their purse? It is one of the questions that men tend to ask themselves since for them it is a mystery, I suppose it does not have so much charm for them when it comes to a mother's bag, but to me it seems very curious and surprising everything that can come out from a mother's purse, don't you think?

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