Connect with your child. Not alone, yes together

Connect with your child. Not alone, yes together

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'Connect with your child' is a project by that proposes the responsible and safe use of new technologies, to avoid risks and dangers for children and the whole family. What to do for the use of the Internet and the various electronic devices such as computers, tablets, ipads, mobiles ... do not impair communication between parents and children, and the whole family?

To be connected to your children you have to know, accept and understand them. This work of acceptance of the other is in which the bases of respect, commitment and trust between parents and children are laid. Once those bonds are established, their connection will be forever, although it must always be stimulated, nurtured and practiced.

How can we increase our connection with children? has put together some helpful tips to assist parents in this important task of maintaining a 'umbilical cord' with his kids:

  1. Listen and communicate with the children. Communication is one of the most important links in the parent-child relationship. By listening to their children, parents will be able to better understand their needs, concerns, dreams, etc.
  2. Take time to be together. Even if it is only 5 minutes, it is necessary for parents to set aside some time a day to be only with their children, be it to tell a story, to play, to tell jokes, or simply to chat.
  3. Share love and affection. There is nothing richer for children than physical contact with their parents. A hug, a kiss ... many times say much more than words.
  4. Play with the kids. That does not mean filling them with toys. Playing is much more enjoyable for children than winning toys. So more play and less toys. Enjoying leisure activities with children is a great gift for them.
  5. Sing and dance. It not only entertains parents and children, but also makes them laugh and enjoy an activity that fills us with joy.
  6. Preparing food. The meeting of parents and children in the kitchen, favors their connection. Children will learn to know food, gather ingredients and get the satisfaction of preparing it with their parents from a good meal.
  7. Stroll and travel. Nature, knowledge and experiences are perfect ingredients for parents and children to share unique and unrepeatable moments. A small excursion can be a perfect setting for there to be more connection between the two.
  8. Learn and teach. Nobody knows how to do everything. What do you think of sharing knowledge and experiences? Parents and children can come together to learn together. Parents who learn to skate with their children, and children who learn to ride a bicycle with their parents. The change in teaching is very motivating for both of you.
  9. Read and count. Reading, stories, stories always bring us something to learn. Read a story a day to your children and then they can share their opinions as well as what they have learned.
  10. Browse the Internet together. New technologies are a resource that, used safely and responsibly, can help a lot in the education of children, and in their relationship with their parents. It is a tool with which both of you can learn a lot.

The world outside the home is not the same as the world that children live with their parents, siblings, and family. If you want your child to know how to surf the Internet, communicating with whom he does not see, it is necessary that he knows how to interact with other people. We give you some tips:

- Teach your child that we are all different, physically, intellectually and mentally. That they should not only tolerate how to enjoy the differences. Respect for others is a rule that not only protects others but also yourself. It is necessary to break down borders, to know languages, cultures and different points of view.

- Teach your child to practice empathy, or put themselves in the place of the other. Not to judge and yes to know better. For this it is necessary that they speak to others, listen to them and understand their emotions. Also teach him that we all have strengths and weaknesses, and that you have to surround yourself with good people with good intentions.

- Teach your child to seek to be an example for others. They must be nurtured by human warmth and know how to transmit positive attitudes. In time, he will learn that strength resides in yourself.

Without a doubt, the best parental control over children's Internet browsing is being together with them. This is not always possible, since as children grow they demand more autonomy and more intimacy with their interests. However, it is important that parents teach their children some practices so that they can surf the Internet more safely. We give you some tips:

1. Teach and always remind your children to maintain safe browsing habits. To do this, you need to use parental controls. So children will know what content is not suitable for them and why.

2. Teach your children all the dangers they can come across on the Internet. Explain what cyberbullying, sexting, and other threats are.

3. Instill in your child the need to share concerns about something they did not like to see on the Internet, creating a climate of trust between you. This way your child will ask you for help when he needs it or feels threatened or in danger.

4. Draw your children's attention to their privacy. That they never leave their sessions open on public computers, and that they do not allow access to people they do not really know, on their social networks. Also, that they never share their passwords with anyone. Help them to have strong passwords.

5. Talk to your child about bullying on the Internet or cyberbullying. Talk about the need to report it if you detect a case.

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