Pope Francis allows a woman to breastfeed her baby in public

Pope Francis allows a woman to breastfeed her baby in public

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For many people, the Pope Francisco It is different from the previous Popes: it is breaking old norms, making the Church closer to the people, bringing it closer to the new times ... One of its latest measures confirms this fact. And it is that, during a baptism in the Sistine Chapel, in a relaxed tone he gave permission to mothers to breastfeed their babies inside the shrine.

"If the children are hungry, mothers, feed them without a second thought, because they are the most important people here." With this simple and clear phrase, Pope Francis was in favor of breastfeeding in public, since it is necessary to put the needs of the baby first.

It is not the first time that Pope Francis is in favor of breastfeeding babies in public. In an interview with the newspaper La Stampa, he recounted how in the Wednesday hearing, a woman held her baby in her arms while he cried. The Pope was interested in the baby and the mother told him that he might be hungry, because it was his time to eat. "Please give him something to eat." The Pope commented in the interview that the woman was shy and ashamed to breastfeed her baby in public.

This behavior sets an example for all those who look down on a mother when all she is doing is feeding her baby, whether in a park, on the beach, on the plane or in a hospital waiting room . I still remember how in Spain, a few months ago, many mothers decided to demonstrate in front of a clothing store because days before they had thrown out a mother who would breastfeed her baby. Her way of protesting was none other than ... breastfeeding her babies in public.

Why are some people so outrageous about breastfeeding in public? Is there something dirty about it? Is it really reprehensible? If there is no law that makes it a crime, why do some people try to stigmatize moms who breastfeed their babies in public. Why do they have to put up with the stares of rejection and even comments against what they are doing.

I believe that tolerance is an essential value in our society, also empathy, putting them into practice would avoid many problems of coexistence. After all, the only thing to tolerate is a precious act that has been going on for as long as we can remember: feeding our babies.

Alba Caraballo. Editor of our site

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