The names of the first babies of 2014

The names of the first babies of 2014

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Every year the media collect the same news on January 1: who was the first baby of the year. Whether in Spain, Colombia, Chile or Mexico, the curiosity arises to know who is the baby that inaugurates the year. Even clinics sometimes dispute the honor of having brought the first baby into the world. In most cases, moms give birth in hospitals within minutes, or sometimes as little as seconds after midnight. However, over the years we have found births in such strange places as boats, elevators, gardens or taxis, as this year happened in Colombia.

Regardless of where they were born, in our site, we have wondered what names the parents of the first babies of the year have chosenWill they be names of Saints, popular names or perhaps strange names?

This year, Tarragona, Madrid, Lima, Tucumán or the Federal District are some of the cities that have had the honor of receiving the first babies of 2014. In most cases, their parents already had names for their babies.

In Spain, four babies decided to come into the world minutes after 12 at night. Although his parents couldn't have the traditional grapes, they did celebrate the new year, with a new member of the family. Spanish parents decided on some traditional names and others of Latin origin for their babies.

- Tanai

- Luca

- Aitana

- Sea

The names of the first babies of 2014 in Mexico They range between the most traditional and popular names or even among the names of Arabic origin:

- Wendy Montserrat

- Diego

- Emauel Kaleb

- Jesus

The Argentine parents who received the year and their baby practically at the same time, chose these names, some of them taken from the saints:

- Thiago

- Alexandro Ismael

- Baptist

- Mia

In Colombia, little Cristian was born in a taxi before his mother could get to the hospital. In Venezuela, Eduardo Josué arrived as a New Year's gift for his parents shortly after 12 at night. And in Peru, Adriano Ismael is one of the first babies of the year 2014.

You see that the names of the babies of 2014 are varied and, for their parents, they are the best names in the world.

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