Surprise children with this chocolate sausage

Surprise children with this chocolate sausage

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I love to surprise my daughter with a different meal, a walk or a new movie ... children love surprises, and although today it seems to be difficult to surprise them since most have practically everything, there are still many details to which we can resort to cause surprises.

The kitchen, for example, is one of these settings where there is much to explore and try. I just got to know an unusual recipe ... Because of its appearance, it is not a chorizo ​​or blood sausage ... it is a chocolate sausage !!

Many parents believe that they have to "break their heads" to offer their children healthy and varied meals, desserts or snacks. I think the secret is often to put yourself in the shoes of the little ones. Who doesn't love cookies, nuts and chocolate? Apart from these ingredients used in our chocolate sausage recipe, it is also necessary to always have basic ingredients on hand that will get us out of trouble, that are liked by children and with which they can get involved in the kitchen. There is nothing more pleasant for children than savoring something that they themselves made.

Children can enjoy food even more by participating in its preparation. By mixing, beating, cutting, separating, tasting ... the ingredients, the child acquires rich experiences and skills, as well as stimulating senses such as touch, smell, palate ...

In You can find many, simple and delicious recipes to prepare with your children. On this occasion, I suggest you make this dessert or snack: the chocolate sausage. There are two versions: chocolate sausage with almonds or chocolate sausage with pistachios. They are both equally rich. We have tried them and we loved them. You will tell us how it turned out.

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